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Spotty Dogs Game


Out of stock

Children will learn to count as they match the spots on the dogs to the number on the spinner and count the number of bones in the dogs basket on the other side. The player with the most bones at the end of the game is the winner! Spotty Dogs is a game of anticipation- where players await with excitement to see how many bones they will turn over - could it be three...or zero?! The layout of the spots on the dogs is not uniform- which encourages children to count inidually rather than just recognise a pattern from a dice. As well as matching the number on the spinner to the number on the cards- children will gain additional maths skills from counting all their bones up at the end. h3Contentsh3 24 cards 1 spinner 1 instruction leaflet - Description from PublisherAGES 3-6+2-4 PLAYERS

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