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Stargrave: Hope Eternal


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Since the end of the Last War; the great pirate fleets have roamed the ruins of the galaxy; pillaging; extorting; and enslaving. No one has had the power to stand against them; and the desperate few who have tried; have been quickly and brutally crushed. However; when the independent crews are hired for a simple hostage rescue; it leads to a dangerous opportunity to strike a blow against tyranny. Two of the largest and most vicious pirate fleets are meeting for a parlay near the ruins of an ancient research station... one that once experimented with ‘supernova-level events'. If the crews can locate the station; slip past the pirates; and infiltrate the facility; it might be possible to release such an event just as the fleets have gathered…

Hope Eternal is a solo and cooperative expansion for Stargrave. Along with full rules for playing the game in this new style; the book contains an intricate campaign of connected scenarios. Whether you brave the perils of the campaign alone; or enlist the aid of another independent crew; this is your chance to bring back a little hope to the ravaged galaxy!

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