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Stratego Original


3 In Stock

The Game Centre crew have been waiting for this game to enter our ranks for years! A classic game recommended for those that love area control and good old fun on the battlefield - did we mention the bombs?!

Description on the box reads:
'Tomorrow I have to send my forces into battle for the final showdown with the enemy. The Redcoats are already weaker... but so are my men! I'm still wondering about our secret formation. We may have strong attackers of the highest rank - but I have my doubts about our defences. Lukily General Herzlich trusted me enough to share that you're a brilliant strategist! Would you help me to defeat the Redcoat Army?'

'Attack and capture the flag!'

Includes Quick Start Guide and original pre-painted playing pieces!

80x Printed Playing Pieces
1x Game Board
2x Holders for Playing Pieces
1x Rules of the Game (plus Quick Start Guide)


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