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Super Munchkin


Out of stock

Fly through the city. Smash the villains. Backstab your teammates and grab their gadgets.

Munchkin has parodied the classic dungeon; the kung-fu warrior; the space epic; and the creatures of the night. Now it's the superheroes' turn!

Be a Mutant; an Exotic; a Mystic; or a Techno. The higher your Level; the more Powers you can have. Battle dastardly masterminds; devastating monsters; and invading aliens from the next dimension -- from the wimpy Bucketman all the way up to Big Ol' Planet Eater Guy himself -- and TAKE THEIR STUFF! With the Electro-Mento-Hat; the Telezapinator; and the (jet-powered) Pogo Stick; no foe can stand before you!

Super Munchkin is a stand-alone game; which (of course) can be combined with other Munchkin games. Designed by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic; this one is destined to RULE THE WORLD! Mwahahaha!

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