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SWIA Greedo Villain Pack


Out of stock

As a bounty hunter on the Outer Rim; Greedo has long needed to survive by his skills and his wits. Though he has a reputation for being slow on the draw; his price is cheap and perhaps best of all; he’s expendable. If you want a bounty hunter who can lead a group of hired guns in a desperate attack; you should certainly consider the Greedo Villain Pack.

Costing only four points to include in your army; Greedo might be just the bounty hunter you need to fill out your strike team. Two new skirmish missions included in this pack bring your strike teams into a fortified hangar bay; and a new three-card Agenda set invites you to hunt down Rebel operatives on Ord Mantell. With the addition of new Deployment cards; Item cards; Agenda cards; and Command cards; the Greedo Villain Pack is essential for every mercenary.

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