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SWIA ISB Headquarters Mat


Out of stock

“From here; you will witness the final destruction of the Alliance and the end of your insignificant rebellion.”
–Emperor Palpatine; Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce three new Skirmish Maps for Imperial Assault:

Training Ground Skirmish Map
Nelvaanian War Zone Skirmish Map
Coruscant Landfill Skirmish Map
Now; you can dive into your skirmish games quickly and easily; whether you’re playing at your kitchen table or in a premier tournament. Proudly displaying each of the three currently tournament-legal Imperial Assault skirmish maps; these natural rubber playmats provide an easy setup for your missions while also protecting your figures and tiles from unnecessary wear and tear.

Measuring 26” by 26”; each Skirmish Map features the rooms; corridors; and twisted hallways of a skirmish mission; all printed on the playmat so setup never takes more than seconds. With plenty of room along the outside borders to place your Deployment cards and tokens; easy references for setup zones; and stunning artwork drawn from theStar Wars galaxy; these Skirmish Maps offer the definitive Imperial Assault skirmish experience. As a final touch; you’ll even find additional copies of the Skirmish cards for each map included with the playmat; giving you easy access to everything you need to activate your strike team.

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