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Medium Tank T-55 - 506pc


1 In Stock

T-55 tank (Vietnam)
Historical Collection: Vietnam War
Historical Collection: The Vietnam War
506 construction blocks
2 figures
Age group 7+

T-55 is a tank of Soviet design manufactured in 1958-1981. It is a tank of classic design and was created as a result of modernization of successful T-54 model. The basic armament of the tank is 100 mm caliber D-10T cannon stabilized in two planes. The model was manufactured in the USSR; as well as under license in Czechoslovakia and since 1964 in Poland. During the production period the T-55 tank was one of the best designs in its class. It underwent numerous upgrades during and after the production period. The tank was exported; among others; to Vietnam; where it has been used since the war. In the 1980s it was used by the armed forces of 38 countries. The T-55 was also manufactured in China by Norinco under the name Type 59. The number of all T-54/T-55 tanks manufactured in the world is record-breaking and exceeds 95 000 units.

From the world of COBI comes a fantastic model that will allow you to build the famous T-55. The model perfectly reflects the appearance of the original. In this set we have high quality prints that faithfully reproduce elements of the equipment and tank markings from the Vietnam War period. Two soldier figures are included in the set. The first figure has a helmet with a characteristic star and is equipped with a machine gun made by Polish manufacturer PM-65 (RAK); which was standard equipment for tank personnel from the communist north. The second figure is a Wietkong soldier in a characteristic uniform and a straw hat. He is equipped with the world-famous AK-47 (Kalashnikov) rifle.

This amazing block set from COBI not only makes a fantastic model to build and put on show but would be a perfect toy for any child who likes construction blocks or military history.

- 506 high quality elements;
- Produced in the EU by a company with over 20 years of tradition;
- Meet the safety standards for children's products;
- Fully compatible with other brands of building blocks;
- Printed pads do not deform and do not fade during play or under temperature;
- Two figures

- Description from Manufacturer

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