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Team Up


Out of stock

If you have ever worked in a game store; at a logistics company; or for a game publisher; you understand the theme in Team UP! It all starts with a pallet and multiple boxes of different shapes that you need to stack on top of it.

The game is cooperative; with players teaming up to pack the most compact pallet possible. You draw cards that indicate the color or shape of a box; and that's the type of box you have to stack next. The game proceeds until there are no more boxes to stack or until the players decide it is best to stop to avoid penalties. Scoring takes into account three factors: the number of full rows on the pallet; the number of boxes that aren't stacked on the pallet at the end; and the number of penalty points (from cards you draw but cannot play). The best score is 25. The perfect solution exists; but will your team find it?

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