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Terraforming Mars Big Box


Out of stock

NOTE: This is the retail version of the Big Box. It does NOT contain the promo pack.

This heavy weight beauty is the ultimate accessory to your Terraforming Mars game; designed to hold the game and all expansions; sleeved cards; metal cubes; first player rover miniature; the special designed trade fleets and city domes. Basically; it holds… everything!

Apart from being an excellent storage box; it also comes with a full set of 3D tiles:

- 24 City Tiles
- 40 Greenery Tiles
- 9 Ocean Tiles
- 14 Special Tiles (including 3 brand new tiles)
- It also contains custom markers for ocean; temperature; generation; Venus (from the Venus Next expansion) and dominance (from the Turmoil expansion).

A long card box can hold all cards released for Terraforming Mars; both project cards; prelude cards; corporation cards; and global events; even if sleeved! It also includes card dividers to easily organize your cards. This card box can also be used as a card tower with the included card wedges; making it easier than ever to pile up that huge stack of project cards.

All players get their own cube holder with a transparent lid for easy storage of their player cubes; and 2 resource trays will hold all the resource cubes.

Needless to say; your copy will shine bright in the next gaming session.

Below are some 3D renders of the tiles and tokens included.

NOTE: This is NOT A COMPLETE GAME and requires the Terraformng Mars base game (and optional expansions) to make use of it.

- Description from Manufacturer

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