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V-Sabotage Secret Weapons Expansion


1 In Stock

Hide in hostile territories; strike the heart of enemy objects and sabotage their most strategic secret projects.

Be a hero of World War II. Appear as a shadow behind enemy lines and perform unique operations to undermine your opponent. Use the best commando weapons: stealth; speed and composure.

V-Commandos: Secret Weapons is an expansion to the base game that adds the following features:

13 new territories (15 new tiles) and 5 operations with up to 6 commandos (increases the number of players)
3 new characters with unique skills: Gunner; Intel Officer and Butcher.
18 new events
Remotely destroy targets with the powerful Panzerfaust and stay unnoticed with a smoke grenade.
Fight elite paratroopers and avoid the Goliath tanks.

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