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Warhammer Underworld Mollog Mobs


Out of stock

The Mirrored City is full of conquerors; despoilers and seekers of arcane knowledge; but Mollog - an ancient Dankhold Troggoth - just wants a nap! Stirred from a long slumber; he now seeks a bit of peace and quiet; and is more than happy to crack the skulls of anyone who'd deny it to him.

Mollog's Mob is a Warhammer Underworlds warband like no other; focused around a single; brutally powerful fighter (and his squiggy mates). You'll sweep through unprepared warbands with ease; using a host of nasty critters to support your rampage. Inside this set; you'll find four push fit models that let you build Mollog's Mob; plus fighter cards for keeping track of their rules in battle.

This set also features 60 unique cards; available only in this set. You'll be able to harness the full might of Mollog's Mob with 29 warband-specific cards; or upgrade your decks for any warband with 31 universal cards - including objectives; ploys and upgrades - that anyone can use.

Once you've conquered the Mirrored City; you can move on to the Mortal Realms and use Mollog as a Hero in your Gloomspite Gitz army with a free warscroll (available on the manufacturer's website).

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