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Warhammer Underworlds Primal Lair


Out of stock

Bring the horrifying depths of Beastgrave to life with this set of scenery tiles! Designed to be combined with your gaming boards; these thematic scenery elements are perfect for representing blocked or lethal hexes in your battles. They're also great for building terrain in your other Warhammer games; too. Perhaps youll combine several sets to make a battlefield based in Ghur for Warhammer Age of Sigmar; or an alien world in Warhammer 40;000. This set contains: Includes six different designs of sculpted tiles; including: - 1 large animal skull and section of skeleton (takes up two hexes) - 1 large skull resting on rocks (takes up one hex) - 1 shard of realmstone (takes up one hex) - 1 pit of acid (takes up one hex) - 1 gaseous clouds forming from vents in the ground (takes up one hex) - 1 set of tentacles emerging from a hole in the ground (takes up one hex) This kit is supplied unbuilt in 20 plastic; push fit components.

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