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Zip City Logic Puzzle


Out of stock

You Are Zippybot; the Traffic Controller!

Welcome to Zip City; where everyone travels in gravity-propelled Zip Spheres; and whole city blocks can move on command. A future that moves faster than ever needs someone to keep things in order; which is where YOU come in.

You're in charge of making sure every Zip Sphere reaches its destination on time. Arrange the city's Track Tiles into pathways; and bring each traveler to their requested location in the correct order.

With 40 Puzzle Cards to spark creative; logical; and intuitive thinking; Zip City offers hours of challenging fun for kids and adults alike!

1 Foldout Case & Board
40 Puzzle Cards
8 Marbles
16 Square Tiles

Ages: 8+
Players: 1
Game Length: 20 minutes

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