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Set in 1926 - you are an unsuccessful gangster in a petty town. Tired of doing small jobs that only earn stress and scars - you dream of putting the hype on big time. The rumble on the street is the big guys in the big cities are pulling the big dough and you want to be the most prestigious of them all.
Crimopolis is a fast-paced strategy board game about bean-shooters / chippies and sugar in a city where nothing counts but underground influence. Recruit criminals / explore the city / execute illicit jobs / ambush others and take over their assets. Grow your skills and abilities- so you can counteract when reporters and enemies get in the way.
Players explore a city area by moving gangsters further and further away from their headquarters. Tiles feature streets and city blocks with parks - banks - graveyards - churches - lakes etc. Players assemble gangsters and execute jobs. The trickier the job the more prestige they earn. Taking over other players assets also gains prestige as well as end game contributions such as city influence - body count and hidden skills. The player with the most prestige wins.
Casual players learn the rules quickly. Hardcore players enjoy the depth of strategy that opens up after a few rounds of the game. There are four winning paths which can be freely chosen - mixed and changed throughout the game - requiring you to adjust your plans if other players have changed their strategies. - Description from Publisher

AGES 12+
CARD FORMAT - 63.5mm x 88mm
CARD QTY - 156

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