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Granny Wars


7 In Stock

Your Grannys position as the towns top handicrafter is threatened by upstart contenders from a new retirement community. Your task is to try to help her- while distracting and sabotaging her competitors but if you dont keep your loyalty hidden- the other players will definitely stitch you up! At the beginning of??Granny Wars A Game of Tit for Tat- you receive a secret loyalty card matching one of the Granny cards on the table- and you are dealt ten cards which range from -5 to +5 points. The deck also includes Gold cards- which grant a special Granny power (like Nana Nap) in addition to points. Players take turns adding cards to the Grannies- and the Tit for Tat mechanism allows a player to bounce an equal and opposite card from one pile to another- e.g.- playing a +3 on a -3 lets you move the -3 to another pile of your choice. After everyone has exhausted his cards- players reveal which Granny they supported and sum the points in her pile of cards. The game can be played by 2 players- with a small modification to the rules. - Description from Publisher AGES 8+2-8 PLAYERS

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