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Hordes: Circle Orboros MKII Token Set


1 In Stock

Each faction-specific token set includes 20 fury tokens sporting the faction’s color and symbol and over 40 status tokens for tracking spells; animi; and in-game effects. The spell tokens are completely customizable; meaning you don’t have to spend time fishing for the right token or carry multiple sets for different warlocks. Just mark the token with a dry-erase marker and get right back to the action! Made from high-quality plastic; HORDES token sets arm players with everything they need for the front lines.


20 Fury Tokens
5 Spell Tokens
3 Upkeep Spell Tokens
4 Animus Tokens
4 Customizable Faction Tokens
4 Knocked Down Tokens
1 Paralysis Token
1 Weight of Stone Token
1 Stone Form Token
5 Soul Tokens
10 Corpse Tokens
3 Controlled Warping Tokens
2 Prey Tokens
2 Token Stands

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