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Five Crowns


19 In Stock

The game isnt over til the Kings go wild! Five Crowns is a five-suited rummy-style card game that appeals to a wide array of card players! This award-winning- classic game is a quick favorite features a unique double deck that contains five suits spades- clubs- hearts- diamonds and stars! This special deck makes it easier to arrange your entire hand into books and runs. The rotating wild card keeps players on their toes! The game begins with three cards and 3s are wild- the next round has four cards and 4s are wild- and so on til the Kings go wild! Make the right combinations- be the first to go out- then watch players scramble as they get one last chance to cut their losses! Its a fun and addictive family game that provides great interaction for kids and adults! - Description from Publisher AGES 8+1-7
PLAYERS CARD FORMAT - 63.5mm x 88mm CARD QTY - 116

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