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Quizzle: World of Cars - 850pc


2 In Stock

A unique jigsaw puzzle & quiz in one! Quizzles are a great challenge for puzzle fans.

Learn about the World of Cars by putting the picture together as a puzzle and matching the 50 models/makes underneath each car!

Step One: Put the puzzle together. Of course!

Step Two: Place the correct model beneath each car. BEWARE: Any oval piece will fit under any car!

Step Three: Sealed answers for every car are on the back of the puzzle box - but don't look unless you need to...!

How many will you get right?
0-20 Bad Luck!
20-30 Good!
30-40 Very Good!
40-50 Excellent!

Suitable for Ages 8+
Released: 2001
Invented/Designed by: Dugald Keith
Finished puzzle: 70cm x 49cm
Total pieces: 850
Made in Australia

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