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trusted classng-binding Your goal in??Draftosaurus??is to have the dino park most likely to attract visitors. To do so- you have to draft dino meeples and place them in pens that have some placement restrictions. Each turn- one of the players roll a die and this adds a constraint to which pens any other player can add their dinosaur. Draftosaurus??is a quick and light drafting game in which you dont have a hand of cards that you pass around (after selecting one)- but a bunch of dino meeples in the palm of your hand. article awards-module ng-ifgeekitemctrl.showawards linkshowcount classng-scope ng-isolate-scope classpanel panel-top game-awards panel-condensed ng-scope ng-ifawardsctrl.honors.length classpanel-header panel-header-sm- Description from Board Game Geek classpanel-header panel-header-sm AGES 8+2-4 PLAYERS awards-module

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