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Battle of GOG


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LIGHT STRATEGY GAME FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY: Battle of GOG is a light strategy; area control and resource management board game for 2-4 players; with heavy player interaction and nearly unlimited replayability. The game challenges to find 5 sacred scrolls as they battle over the ancient land of Canaan. It's an entry level game for new players while creating a unique playthrough for seasoned players.
SIMPLE RULES! COMPLEX RESULTS! Easy mechanics and gameplay involves complex strategic thinking. Sometimes you need to carefully consider whether to make a move that will benefit you or one that will put your opponent at a disadvantage. You need to weigh many different pathways to victory: conquer cities; fight enemy soldiers; obtain the scrolls; or reach all 4 corners of the map to make a winning move.
UNIQUE GAME BOARD: In Battle of GOG; the bottom of the box is used as the game board. The map of the game can be assembled in numerous combinations; so each game session plays differently allowing nearly unlimited replayability. With so many factors involved; even establishing 3 cities in the most abundant map areas won`t ensure your victory; as Ability Cards and Treasure Cards can make the difference in a critical situation.
MULTIPLE WAYS TO WIN THIS GAME: Battle of Gog is played over a series of rounds until at least one of the three winning conditions have been achieved by any player: 1) Long Variant: Conquering all other player's cities. Short Variant: Conquering the last city of any of the players. 2) Placing a soldier at each of the 4 corners of the map. 3) Obtaining all 5 Scrolls.
HIGH REPLAYABILITY AND PLAYER ENGAGEMENT: Battle of GOG offers different gameplays which keep players engaged. The game allows multiple strategy opportunities which makes each game thrilling from beginning to end. Lastly; remember that the Oracle of the game is GOG and that he has the power to save you from the Angel of Retribution!

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