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classw12-12 classw12-12 h3 classdesktopThe Pastry-Picking Card Game!h3 classw12-12 StrategyChoicesTension Three essential ingredients to any great game. All of them play a vital role in this easy-to-learn and instantly engaging card game from first-time inventor Zachary Eagle. Together with the team at Daily Magic Games- Zachary created a unique twist on set collection card games. In addition to the whimsical variety of donuts inside- part of what makes Go Nuts for Donuts! stand apart from the crowd is the secret bidding. This adds a delicious layer of tension that will surely tempt you to come back for another round! classw12-12 classw12-6 h4Reinforcesh4 visual discrimination strategic thinking - Description from the PublisherAGES 8+2-6 PLAYERSCARD FORMAT - 63.5mm x 88mm QTY -??70CARD FORMAT - 44mm x 68mm QTY - 42

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