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Hues and Cues


Out of stock

A game that had us all hooked from the very beginning!

What hue do you think of when we say “apple”? Hues and Cues is a vibrant game of colorful communication where players are challenged to make connections to colors with words. Using only one and two-word cues - players try to get others to guess a specific hue from the 480 colors on the game board. The closer the guesses are to the target - the more points you earn. Since everyone imagines colors differently - connecting colors and clues has never been this much fun!

Use examples from everyday life; from nature to pop culture - or materials and moods. Everyone around the table gets a turn to give cues and guess. The better your hints or guesses; the more points you earn. Play off others' experiences to narrow down what they have in mind!

Great for parties - family gatherings and just a fun quick time!

- Description from the Publisher


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