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Kill Team: Pariah Nexus Expansion


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Take your games of Warhammer 40;000: Kill Team beneath the surface of a Necrons tomb world in this expansion for the game. As well as a double-sided board and themed terrain; it includes two kill teams – Primaris Space Marines and Necrons – each led by a powerful Commander.

You'll also get a book that includes full rules for fighting battles in the close confines of buildings; starships; and twisting alien labyrinths; not to mention fully updated rules for Space Marines and Necrons kill teams; including datasheets for a host of new models released alongside the latest edition of Warhammer 40;000.

This boxed set contains everything you need to take your Warhammer 40;000: Kill Team games into the depths of a Necrons tomb world:

– Plastic Space Marines kill team consisting of a Captain with master-crafted heavy bolt rifle and five Heavy Intercessors
– Plastic Necrons kill team consisting of a Chronomancer and five Flayed Ones
– Double-sided game board measuring 22 x 30 representing two areas of a Necrons tomb complex
– 48 pieces of Necrons-themed terrain; including 8 doors; 4 induction diodes; 8 single quantum nodes; 12 double quantum nodes; and 16 thermionic annuluses.
– 112-page Kill Team: Pariah Nexus softback book; containing extensive background; rules for playing games of Kill Team in the ultra-close confines of indoor environments; and updated rules for using Space Marines and Necrons in Kill Team; including datasheets; tactics; and more
– Two decks of 17 objective cards
– Space Marines transfer sheet

This set also contains seven 40mm round bases and five 28.5mm round bases.

You will need a copy of the Warhammer 40;000: Kill Team Core Manual to make use of the contents of this boxed set.

- Description from Manufacturer

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