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Mad City


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Welcome to Mad City; where every second counts and zoning is king!

Take on the role of a harried city planner; racing against time to build the world's most fabulous metropolis. Surely your creations will be the most magnificent; you may even feel moved to boast that your achievements are the finest of all...just don't get proved wrong! Become a specialist at downtown; industrial or residential districts to increase your efficiency; but you'll also need to remember the importance of speed to the modern urban lifestyle. Lay out your city the fastest and you'll have time to enjoy your idyllic ponds and parks. What are you waiting for? Clear away the red tape; roll up your sleeves; and build your own Mad City! One minute should be more than enough time — and if things go wrong; well; you can always try again...

Mad City is a real-time competitive tile-laying game in which players compete to build the most lucrative city. In rounds that last exactly one minute; players must lay their hand of nine tiles out in a 3x3 grid in order to build their city districts in the most beneficial way. Players must also be fast if they hope to beat their opponents for the right to score bonuses for their ponds and parks and for their zoning majorities. Using a unique scoring system; Mad City allows players to focus or diversify in their building styles. With quick and addictive game play; families and gamers alike will be eager to return to Mad City!

Mad City includes a solo variant for players stranded on deserted islands; allowing you to test your building prowess against The Grid!

- Description from Publisher

PLAYTIME 30 minutes

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