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Designing a wonder zoo is not easy as it seems... First; you must choose a theme; then find the most beautiful animals; and finally attract crowds of enthusiastic visitors!

In WonderZoo; you do just this by each round choosing a tile from among those on the table; then placing it on your personal game board; with paths needing to continue from one tile to the next. You can also carry out the action shown on the tile that you just added; such as adding a visitor to your zoo; moving a visitor; moving an enclosure; or becoming first player in the next round.

When you can place no more tiles in your zoo; the game ends for you; but other players might continue depending on the status of their zoo. Once everyone has completed their zoos; players score 1 point for each visitor next to an enclosure tile; and whoever has the most points wins.

You can increase the difficulty level of WonderZoo by having players start with certain squares blocked; and you can add advanced scoring rules as well; with the yellow visitor granting 2 points when next to a yellow enclosure.

- Description from Publisher

PLAYTIME 20-30 minutes

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