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World Changers


2 In Stock

World Changers unites 32 historical figures from diverse times and cultures. To do this required a silly premise: players are star ship captains trying to select the optimum crew to settle a new planet. They recruit their team from ‘the Void’ a display of communal cards or from one of the two cards they hold in their hand. Most cards have invite effects which trigger at this time; the remaining cards may trigger during subsequent turns or may affect scoring at the end. Similar to our Flipology game; sometimes the cards with fewer point value have stronger effects.

Players take turns until either everyone passes (which is always an option; and doesn’t mean you can’t get back into the action on a subsequent turn) or cards run out. Since six cards are dealt in per player; even maxed out with four players; there will always be a different mixture of personalities.

World Changers comes with a 68 page booklet where players can read more about the featured figures; including why they have the effect they do. The cards are tarot-sized. Cards and tokens fit nicely into a plastic insert–a component Cheeky Parrot ordinarily wouldn’t be able to include with our smaller print runs.

- Description from Publisher

AGES 10+

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