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Altered Carbon Fightdome


1 In Stock

Fightdrome: Panama Rose - A Card Game of Brutal Arena Combat powered By Altered Carbon Tech!

Pull-on the new flesh like borrowed gloves and burn your fingers one again.

- Richard K.Morgan; Altered Carbon

The Auditorium's light dim and the crown settles into an excited hush. A disembodied voice echoes through the darkness... Welcome friends; to Fightdrome! My friends; tonight you will experience an event unlike any other. Tonight; you will witness two fearsome warriors battling before your very eyes! Only one can stand victor...but which will it be?! At either end of the arena; spotlights flare suddenly; highlighting the frames of two eager looking fighters. The crown grasps and then erupts into whooping and hollering of delight.

In Altered Carbon: Fightdrome; players take on the role of two competitors fighting it out to determine which of them is superior. Players agree beforehand if they will play a single bout where they each try to be the last player holding cards; or several bouts where the first player to reach an agreed number of fame points is declared the winner.

Fightdrome: Panama Rose contains:

1x Rulebook
101x Combat Cards
8x Sleeve Cards
11x Stack Cards
2x Reference Cards

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