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Ashes Reborn Gorrenrock Survivors


1 In Stock

Phoenixborn Lulu Firststone has been reimagined with a full deck for Ashes Reborn. Lulu uses time and natural magic for explosive combat and to survive the harsh environment where her city; Gorrenrock; stands.

Lulu is a very hardy fighter and direct combat is her style of choice. Lulu has the ability to bolster her companions; granting them imbued strength in the form of status tokens and the special Spark alteration. At any turn; one of the fighters of Gorrenrock can exert themselves and fire off a final blast of damage; showing that no ally of Lulu’s is going down easy.

And when bolstering her allies isn’t enough; Lulu is more than ready to take matters into her own hands with her signature attack; Phoenix Barrage! With the power of the Phoenix within her; Lulu can launch three spirited blasts of fire- -- with one aimed straight at her final foe!

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