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Bolt Action: M3 Stuart Tank


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As American tank designers began to recognise the outdated and obsolete nature of the M2 light tank; they realised they needed to create something new.

The M3 Stuart was a direct upgrade from its predecessor; the M2 light tank; with thicker armour; modified suspension and new recoil system. The M3 Stuart used the 37mm M5 gun (later to be replaced by the new; slightly longer M6 gun) as well as five mounted Browning machine guns.

This was the first U.S. tank to partake in tank-versus-tank combat in World War 2; where a platoon of five Stuarts engaged the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) 4th Tank Regiment's Type 95 Ha-Go light tanks.

The Stuart stands tall; and was favoured by many crews due to its fairly high speed. It was mechanically reliable and obtained the nickname Honey due to its smooth ride.

During 1942; the British Army decided to keep their Stuarts away from tank-versus-tank combat and instead use them for reconnaissance. A number of Stuart variations arose; including the Stuart Recce; the Stuart Kangaroo and the Stuart Command. Making a conversion of these is easy with the new plastic Stuart. The Recce had the turret removed in order to achieve an improved speed and range; while the Kangaroo had been converted into an armoured personnel carrier.

The M3 proved itself as an effective armoured vehicle in jungle environments; where the Japanese infantrymen found themselves under-equipped and lacking anti-tank weaponry. This left them with only one option; which was to rely on close assault tactics. The Stuart was an impressive counter to this; and in this setting was barely any more vulnerable than a medium tank.

Principal service: 1940–43. Numbers manufactured: 5;811.

Principle combatants:

Captured and used by:


This box contains 1 x plastic M3 Light tank with options to use:

External Fuel tanks
Sand guards
Rounded or plate turret variants

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