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Catan Dice Game


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In the dice game version of CATAN- you also build settlements- roads- cities- and knights. Here- however- building doesnt mean placing wooden or plastic game pieces on a game board. Instead- each player has a sheet depicting a smaller version of the island of CATAN. You build by filling in the respective symbols for roads- knights- settlements- and cities. Building a road- settlement- or city costs the same resources as in the big brother version of the game- but the way you obtain the required resources is completely different. On your turn- you may roll 6 special dice up to three times. After each dice roll- you may either set aside part of the dice or roll all dice again. Each side of a die depicts one of CATANs resources brick- lumber- wool- grain- ore- or gold. For example- if you roll 2 lumber- 2 brick- 1 grain- and 1 wool- you may build - i.e.- fill in - a road and a settlement. - Description from PublisherAGES 7+1-4 PLAYERS

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