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CATAN: Cities & Knights Expansion


Out of stock

Flourishing trade brings prosperity to Catan. However- all this wealth also attracts barbarians. The knights of Catan are needed! The expansion can also be combined with CATAN Seafarers??and??CATAN Traders & Barbarians.??Get used to a tougher life on Catan and a longer but also more exciting game. The first player to reach 13 victory points is the winner.To play with 56 players- the??CATAN??Cities & Knights 56 player??Extension??is required.This game is in its 5th Edition. NOTE??This??expansion is NOT STAND ALONE- it requires the??CATAN Base Game??to play.- Description from PublisherAGES 12+3-4 PLAYERSispan stylefont-weight 400;CARD FORMAT - 54mm x 80mmiispan stylefont-weight 400;CARD QTY -??96i

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