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Combined Arms Campaign Game


2 In Stock

Combined Arms is a strategic game that commands the players to face off; seize the initiative and outwit their foe amidst the fog of war. Each game will see you fighting for control of air; land; and sea in order to claim objectives and hold them against the enemy.

Choose your theatre of war; from the western and eastern fronts to North Africa and the Pacific. Each theatre has its own challenges and opportunities; some rewarding control over the sea; some rewarding control over the skies. How many of your precious resources will you sink into each; and how much will be left to control the land? Will you rely on stealth as you move units secretly; springing up where you are least suspected; or will you attempt to overwhelm your enemy with brutal overkill?

Combined Arms can be played as a stand-alone game or players can incorporate Bolt Action; Blood Red Skies; Cruel Seas; or Victory at Sea for an epic continent-spanning campaign. Unique cards link your campaign with your chosen wargames; meaning your choices in the campaign could mean victory or defeat on the tabletop.

Plastic components.

1 Rules Booklet
4 Maps
1 Orders Board
1 Operations Board
6 Card Decks
67 Tokens
Army Markers

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.

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