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Warmachine: Cygnar – Commander Dalin Sturgis Warcaster


1 In Stock

Commander Dalin Sturgis is a master duelist who believes in leading his troops from the front lines.

FEATURES: Commander Sturgis is an easy-to-learn warcaster that brings a lot of support to his army and will have broad appeal to your Cygnar players.

PIP 31113

TRADE POINTS: Sturgis’ versatility makes him the perfect warcaster for any skill level. You’ll want to be sure you have the Cygnar staples on hand; such as Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (PIP 31086); Stormwall (PIP 31050); and Squire (PIP 31060).

Models are supplied unpainted and unassembled and may require trimming and cleaning before assembly and painting

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