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Dominion Plunder


1 In Stock

Across the sea; they have so much stuff. And it's so much better than your stuff. Finer craftsmanship. Better quality materials. Shinier. They have crowns; tiaras; and diadems — and that's just the hats. It's time to get some of that stuff. You want an easy life; and you're prepared to work hard for it; so you've rounded up some old salty dogs; plus a sourpuss and a bitter goldfish. And set sail. The sea is a harsh mistress; but a good cook; at least if you like everything really salty. There are red skies tonight; so they'll be making a batch of Sailor's Delight; which you understand to have tuna fish in it. And soon you'll be attacking merchant ships and taking their treasure. But the real treasure is the happy memories you'll be making.

Dominion: Plunder is the 15th expansion to Dominion. It has 500 cards; with 40 new Kingdom cards. It has lots of Treasures and Durations; with cards that give you Loot; and Traits that modify piles. Events return.

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