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Ex Libris


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Ex Libris; is a game to challenge your literary acumen and test your writing skills. Each card gives you the title; author and plot summary of a novel or short story. At the start of a round one player; taking a turn as the reader; picks a card and reads it out. The other players then have to write a plausible opening or closing sentence to the work in an attempt to bluff fellow players into believing their script to be the genuine one. These are all handed in to the reader; who has meanwhile written down the genuine sentence (given on the back of the card). They are shuffled; and each is read out. The winning player is the one who has most votes cast for his or her entry (while further points are won if you manage to identify the genuine sentence). One hundred authors representing widely different writing styles are featured in the game - from Charles Dickens to Harold Robbins; from Jane Austen to Barbara Cartland. For 4-8 players. Created by Leslie Scott and Sara Finch and first published in 1991; Ex Libris is now considered a modern classic.

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