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Getting Lost Everybody


Out of stock

Our Getting Lost Games are played by everybody. And we know that not everybody looks the same. We know that not everybody can read yet; or has the same mobility; or sees colours and words the same; or processes information the same. And that means that our games aren’t the best they can be for everybody.

So we want to change that.

So we created the Everybody Edition of the Getting Lost Game. It’s our most popular edition – the Adventurers Edition – but re-imagined to remove barriers so it is truly accessible to everybody. The Everybody Edition is also great for smaller children who are not yet reading and need visual clues instead to enable them to be the reader.

There is not a single card that we haven’t touched. Want to see what’s different?

We’ve reimagined cards that assume a level of mobility
We’ve made the font 14+
We’ve changed our font to a dyslexic font
We’ve reduced unnessesary words
We’ve removed visual clutter
We’ve added visual cues to all cards
We’ve reimagined cards that require hearing
We’ve added a card to allow for breaks
We’ve added cards to reward businesses who cater for those with different accessibility needs

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