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Flaming Pyramids


Out of stock

Whats happening here? It looks like your neighbors have gathered together to create a pyramid out of straw- wood- and stone. Cool! But wait a minute- why do some people seem to be causing small collapses on purpose? And why does little Susie have a blowtorch? In??Flaming Pyramids- players are building one pyramid together using square tiles- but each player is trying to be the first to get rid of their own tiles. There are 40 regular tiles with a unique combination of color- number- and material. Except toward the end of the game- players have a hand of five tiles from which to choose- but they are constrained by the building regulations and the luck of the draw. There are also four tiles that can cause fires and one extra-heavy wild tile these can be harder to place without causing extensive damage the later they emerge. If your placed tile causes??mayhem??(a collapse- fire- or explosion)- the damaged tiles go back in your supply. Flaming Pyramids??can be played as a friendly- casual game- an easy starter or filler- or as no-holds-barred multi-round competition. - Description from Publisher AGES 8+2-6 PLAYERS

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