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Can you gather and secure more treasure than your fellow-adventurers from the Hoard of the sleeping dragon? Can you defend yourself from their attacks and perhaps perpetrate a few of your own? And can you end the hunt at the most opportune time- perhaps by actually wakening the fearsome beast?
Hoard is a dynamic game of hand management - set collection and press-your-luck. Each turn players take one of four possible actions 1) roll a custom die and move to take a new card- 2) secure a set of treasures or add to an existing set to score points- 3) affect the dragon- who wakes in stages from his tail to his head- by playing cards that soothe or rouse him- or 4) use a sword on an opponent or capture a used sword with a shield. The board is composed of 12 facedown cards surrounding the dragon. It changes as players remove and replace the cards. Dice rolls between 1-5 enable clockwise or counterclockwise movement and the special symbol allows access to all but one of the cards- so it is a game that rewards memory. Hoard is meant to be played in rounds- with scoring tokens obviating the need for pencil and paper scorekeeping. - Description from Publisher

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