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The game board shows the economic resources of eight iconic kiwi organizations. Each player is in a race to own these resources. To win; a player needs to own all the resources (natural; human and capital) of two organizations. The first player to do this is the winner.

Players gain resources by either landing on an unowned resource and buying it from the bank or by trading with other players. The enterprising nature of Gumption is encouraged by deal-breaking squares on the game board and by risk cards. The playing pieces are familiar New Zealand icons which players use to move around the game board.

The game comes with a booklet that highlights each of the organizations depicted on the board.

Each denomination of the money used in Gumption profiles an invention that has started a New Zealand business.

There are three different kinds of cards in the game:

Risk Cards
Players take a Risk card and follow its instructions. Many Risk Cards can be traded with other players.

Resource Cards
Every resource shown on the Game Board has an associated resource card. This card shows the income that is payable when another player lands on the resource. It also shows the income payable if all three resources are owned and if the player has Future Technology. The resource cards can be traded with anyone except the bank.

Future Technology Cards
Players can invest in research and development and buy Future Technology; which will increase their income. This is done once players own all the resources of one organisation. There are Risk Cards that allow players to buy Future Technology without first owning all three resources.

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