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Munchkin Dungeon


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Quest through the Dungeon for adventure; glory; and; of course; a chance to betray your friends!

Based on the hit card game Munchkin®; Munchkin Dungeon is a competitive; push-your-luck dungeon game. Each round; you explore further; seeking Loot; Fame; and foes to defeat. But be careful! The deeper you delve; the better the rewards; but the Monsters get stronger and your back-stabbing friends will add even more danger.

And of course; it wouldn't be a Dungeon with a capital D if there wasn't a Boss at the final level; ready for an epic battle. Beat it and gain Fame. Lose; and get kicked back to the beginning. When the final Boss falls; the most famous Munchkin wins!

Designed by Andrea Chiarvesio and Eric M. Lang

Explore the dungeon and beat the Boss!

- Description from Publisher

AGES 14+
PLAYTIME 60-90 minutes

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