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Qwirkle Rummy Card Game


Out of stock

Switching up the orignal Qwirkle tiles for cards - this travel freindly version of Qwirkle makes the game accessible for the whole family.

Players are dealt 9 cards for a 108 card deck - each of the six symbol appears three times in each of the six colours.

Taking it in turns - you play at least one card from your hand onto the table. If you want to start a new set you must play atleast three cards (just like rummy) or just add cards to existing sets. If you can't play anything you discard your whole hand and draw nine new cards and shuffle your discarded cards into the draw pile.

You keep playing with the aim of creating/completing a Qwirkle (set of six cards that contains either each symbol in a single color or each color in a single symbol) and taking it for yourself! When the cards run out - the person with the most Qwirkles wins!


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