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Rattus Cartus Nobilis


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1348; Europe – The Black Death ravages Europe; and your country still has no king after the last one was killed by the plague. The nobility of the land has had enough of you princes never being able to settle for an heir for the country. Therefore; the nobles have begun to interfere with your disputes. On your visits to the various buildings; it may now occur that you meet a noble with a political agenda of his own. In some cases; he welcomes you and helps you in your quest; while in other cases he tries to make life as difficult as possible for you. Will you be able to keep the nobles at your side in your struggles against the other princes so that at last a new; worthy king can be elected?

Rattus Cartus: Nobilis; the first expansion for Rattus Cartus (a card game based on the Rattus board game) includes 18 different buildings with players using all or only some of them each game to provide a wide variety of play. This first expansion also includes special cards (Books; Horses; Lances; Privilegs; Wizard Staffs and Diplomats) and extra rat tokens; a second module in this expansion includes noble tokens.

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