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Royal Plastic Playing Cards


13 In Stock

Are you running out of ideas for fun activities to do on your next get together? How about playing some exciting card games? The pack contains one deck of plastic cards with easy-to-read numbers. Shuffling the cards will be easy and hugely satisfying because of the smooth surface of the cards. It's perfect for practising new card shuffling techniques too. When the card games get intense; you don't need to worry about breaking or wrinkling the cards. The cards made of plastic; so you can bend and slide them; and they will still be useful. Of course; card games won't be complete without food and drinks. No worries if you accidentally spilled something on the cards. You can wipe them with a cloth or tissue paper and resume your game. There's no need to buy a new deck every game night. Also; storing the cards will not be a problem because of the durable plastic container.

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