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Tik Tac Flip


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Red is trying to make Xs and white is trying to make Os. Two game pieces - white; red; or both - must be used to make a mark. Your goal is to get three-in-a-row of your mark vertically; horizontally; diagonally; or semi-diagonally. At first; it's just like the original. But then - Play all the game pieces without a win? It's not a cat's game. It's time for phase two! Players take turns flipping their game pieces over in their places. Can you transform what's already there into a winning move? It's going to take a lot more than basic strategy to master this new twist on classic fun!

A strategy-intense twist on the classic tic-tac-toe
Encourages spatial reasoning; logic; critical thinking; strategy skills; problem-solving
Take turns adding pieces to the board
Red tries to make Xs; white tries to make Os
Marks can be made with white; red; or both
Players try to get 3 in a row of their mark
If board is filled with no win; players flip game pieces over until someone wins!

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