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TT Unofficial Guide to 30 Scary Flix


5 In Stock

Are you ready for the scariest Top Trumps experience ever? 30 great horror movies from across the ages; from classic to contemporary; from spooky to gruesome; from a big hit to cult treasure; they're all here. If you love horror; you'll love this pack.


Fun card game loved for bringing your favorite horror movies throughout the ages in a pack of 18 Play Top Trumps anytime; anywhere; with as many people as you want.
Discover the cult status of movies like The Exorcist; The Psycho; and A Nightmare on Elm Street.
Discover the budget of The Silence of the Lambs or Friday the 13th and the Top Trumps Fear Factor of Paranormal Activity and Alien.
The easy-to-carry plastic sleeve means there are no limits to the game.
Get ready to defeat your opponents; discover terrifying new facts from Scary Flix FC and it hurts to become Top Trump.

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