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Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep


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Warhammer Underworlds has spent the last two seasons exploring the living mountain known as Beastgrave in Ghur; the Realm of Beasts. Thanks to the Necroquake; the Katophrane Curse has spread to new lands; allowing trapped warbands to travel to other underworlds. This dark magic has opened up the eerie caverns of Harrowdeep; located in Ulgu - the Realm of Shadow. Harrowdeep is an ancient structure of inscrutable purpose buried deep beneath the floor of the Shadowsea; that's part winding labyrinth; part ominous pit. Definitely not somewhere you'd want to go on holiday. Located deep beneath the seabed; Harrowdeep is described by locals as the place where the light dies.* It features in some of the earliest legends of the coastal tribes of Ulgu - but following the Age of Chaos; Harrowdeep's existence was forgotten about; and the curse was thought of as just sailors' superstition. It was rediscovered almost by accident by a group of Daughters of Khaine. These rebellious aelves didn't agree with Morathi's ascent to godhood;** so they formed an alliance with the Idoneth Deepkin to resist the growing power of the Shadow-Queen. Morathi dispatched agents to deal with this breakaway faction; but by the time they found the turncoats' location; the enclave had already been abandoned.

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