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Each round- players study the 8 letters (always consonants) on the board in real time. The first player to write down a word flips a 30-second timer. That player is now the fastest player- and every other player now has 30 seconds to write down their word. Once time has run out- the fastest player scores their word by counting the point value of each of the matching letters on the board. Players are not limited to the letters on the board; they can add any letters theyd like. Letters score based on which of the 4 columns of the board theyre in- and how rare they are. After the fastest player scores- the first player clockwise scores their word- and compares it to the fastest player. If that player scored more than the fastest player- they score a small bonus. Every other player scores their word and checks for a bonus. Once theyve all done this- the fastest player scores a bonus if their score is equal to or higher than half the other players scores. After 7 rounds- players add the scores their best 5 words- plus their bonuses. The player with the most points wins!- Description from Board Game Geek AGES 10+1-6 PLAYERS

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