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Action Town: Countryside Farm - 310pc


1 In Stock

1875 - Countryside Farm
There is a big barn on the farm. It has a large sliding door. In the loft hay is stored; the animal farm on the side has a raised roof and opening doors. A ladder leads to the loft. The set includes farm animals such as a pig and cow and many everyday items: a broom; a watering can; a barrel with carrots; a watering hole for animals; and other useful tools.
• 310 blocks
• 4 figures: jockey; horse; cow; pig
• accessories: watering can; broom; ax; spade; sandbags
• Bodywork with pad printing
• Easy-to-follow instruction manual
• Compatible with other brands of construction blocks
• Model dimensions (length x width x height): 290 mm x 130 mm x 125 mm

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