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Chronicles of Chrime: 1900


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“You are Victor Lavel; a young ambitious journalist working for a major newspaper. It's the year 1900; the middle of the Belle Époque; and Paris flourishes. There are so many stories to cover; the Exposition Universelle; the Summer Olympics; the opening of the first metro station; but as a Lavel; a family famous for solving crimes since the Middle Ages; you are much more interested in murders; kidnappings; and robberies. Being a journalist helps you be among the first ones to know about them; and your wits often make you the first one to find the perpetrator.”

The new Chronicles of Crime: 1900 standalone game challenges players not only to skillfully collect evidence and interrogate suspects but also to solve some escape-room-style puzzles incorporated into each scenario.

Can you guess the right combination to open the safe? Would you be able to decipher an encrypted message found on the crime scene? Can you trace the suspect by navigating a map? It won’t be easy; but if you get stuck; you can ask your colleague Charlotte for help. She runs the “Puzzles and Riddles” column in your newspaper; so she can always give you a hint about the mystery you’re struggling with.

Part of Chronicles of Crime - The Millennium Series. Chronicles of Crime is back with a range of games called The Millennium Series. Three brand new standalone Chronicles of Crime games; working with the same great system but providing interesting gameplay twists and refreshing universes that span an entire millennium from 1400 to 1900 and finally 2400. All three games are standalone but will offer connecting narrative threads for players to discover.

- Description from Publisher

AGES 14+
PLAYTIME 60-90 minutes

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