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Cinderella & Glass Slipper 100PC


2 In Stock

Why choose a Ravensburger puzzle for your children? For entire generations we have accompanied millions of people in their growth and in their daily life. We know how to combine quality and attention to detail; guaranteeing all families incomparable fun and satisfaction!
We meticulously take care of every stage of production: quality and safety are our priorities. Our puzzles are made from recycled cardboard and cut with handmade dies; to guarantee a perfect fit and an impeccable result every time. Ravensburger Puzzles stimulate fine motor skills; improve hand-eye coordination and exercise concentration and patience; teaching little ones to solve problems with a strategic and structured approach. We offer you a wide range of images able to satisfy the tastes of all children and thanks to the Soft-Click technology; each puzzle piece fits perfectly to guarantee a uniform rendering without imperfections.
Give your little boy or girl fun and relaxation with one of our puzzles! Discover a new world of fun with us too!
This puzzle is an educational and stimulating pastime for your child: with its 100 XXL pieces; it is the ideal activity to stimulate the curiosity and imagination of children aged 6 and over. The Ravensburger 100 piece XXL puzzles are part of an entirely dedicated
line to the little ones with colorful and lively images; with iconic characters loved by children to involve them in the gaming experience through their favorite illustrations
Quality and safety are our priorities: Ravensburger Puzzles are made of recycled cardboard and cut with handmade dies; to guarantee an always perfect fit and an impeccable result

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